Sunday, September 15, 2013

Third Year, Week 22 - Posting Because I Feel I Must....

Really, sometimes there is no good reason to write a blog post.  Bloggers just get the feeling like people are waiting, so you HAVE to write something, right?

So to tell you all what you most want to know:  Babygirl is doing well and has not missed a single day of school so far.  We're going to have to break that record this Thursday and go to Philly.  The neurologist has agreed to see us that day at 9:30 (I had to follow up Monday's call on Friday to find this out.  I wonder if they were planning on telling me or just checking to see if I was sincere?), so it's a BOGO type of trip.  I'm going to have to 'fess up to the fact that Babygirl has missed FOUR doses of medication in the past month - once, my fault; the rest are on her.  Sigh.  We'll see what that has done to the transplanted kidney. 

Babygirl's school Open House is, of course, Wednesday night, so we won't be arriving in Philly until at least 10 PM, up at 6 to leave for the hospital, and come home by 3 PM - an exhausting schedule that will leave me totally tired for Friday.

In other news, I have a student.  Well, I had one student, and now I have two (apparently some doc in another town kinda got let go).  Both of these young ladies are on their first clinical rotation, which roughly translated means that they don't know anything about how to apply what is in their heads to the reality of the patient in front of them.  Teaching a new practitioner how to prioritize their knowledge?  Crap.  I forgot how tough this is - my last couple of students were farther along in their training.  The good news is that both are bright and not at all insulted by criticism.  The bad news is that teaching is WORK, and I am having all I can do to get everything done.  I've been going in early, coming home late, and sleeping poorly to round it all out.  Hubby is the soul of patience about all of this, but it is getting just a little old.  Two more weeks of them, I think.  And then I get another one. 

Priorities:  Teaching someone that seasonal allergies matter, but not as much as the potential for big blood clots and strokes.  Since both abnormalities show up on the same test, and the allergy one is listed first, students tend to get stuck on the first abnormal thing they see and fail to scan for the REALLY scary stuff.  Step back.  Get the big picture.  Kind of like hiking in the woods and failing to notice a big BEAR because you are focused on the poison ivy.  Yeah.  Like that.

Exhausting as it is, I have to say that I do love teaching.  As long as it isn't long division.


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