Monday, September 30, 2013

The Purpose of a Long Drive....

Babygirl's arrival in the Transplant Clinic surprised the front desk staff.  After all, we just left!  And we weren't on the schedule. 

As always, Babygirl and I came in on more or less empty stomachs.  We'd each had some coffee an climbed into Beauty for the traffic-raddled ride into downtown.  Usually there are blood work orders waiting.  We hit the lab at 8, follow with breakfast and meds in the cafeteria, and come back to be seen. This time?  "They want to examine her before they order any labs."

Well, that makes perfect sense to me. 

We waited (not long) and saw the nurse practitioner, who pulled up the ER labs.  "Well, it isn't a urinary tract infection!"  (No kidding.  I refrained from fist-pumping to celebrate my superior diagnostic skills.)  Then the doc, who examined her, the labs, the history, and who said, unabashedly, "I have no idea what this is."  Um, could you teach a seminar to doctors in general on how to say that out loud instead of, say, giving out unnecessary antibiotics for spurious 'UTI's'? 

Bottom line:  Observe.  Keep a diary.  Return to the ER if there are any more interesting symptoms, like fever and vomiting  but stay home for mere repeats of this same pain.  Maybe she needs a Gynecologist (or as my friend puts it, a Groinecologist).  Maybe (just my thought) it's a variation on the migraine (it happens).  See you in December as scheduled.  Get these labs done right after Halloween.  No need for labs today.  Enjoy your breakfast.

We were out the door of the clinic by 9:20.

So the entire purpose of our 384 mile round-trip was apparently to enjoy the extreme blue-sky beauty of Mount Pocono in full fall foliage followed by a glass of wine with my best friend.  It was amazing, absolutely amazing - both the trees and the friendship.  Now to catch up on work.


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