Monday, June 18, 2012

Maybe This Time....

Home from Philly!  This week's trip sponsored by my good friends and neighbors, Joe and Judy, who lent us their Nissan Rogue.  Nice little SUV, with a very nice ride, gas mileage about the same as Rhonda the Honda but better climate control!  But I must say that I thank God that Joe caught me as we were about to pull out and told me where the mirror adjustment knob was.  I would NEVER in a million years have found it without help!

The numbers are stable.  The kidney is happy (or at least not more UNhappy), tacrolimus levels stable, and she has plenty of neutrophils (just in time for the school year to end).  We have permission to have labs done locally next Monday, across the street!  And our next appointment is in two weeks.

Maybe THIS time they actually mean two weeks!


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