Thursday, June 7, 2012

She Makes Me Ashamed.....

Since the last few posts have all been me-me-me-me, I thought it was time to tell people how Babygirl is doing.  Not the kidney, not her mom, Babygirl.

Overall, she's doing well.  She's upset because she misses so much school, and always happy to return.  We play games together at night, and it's gotten to where I don't need to 'let' her win. She's becoming witty but without the teenage edge to take away from  her overall sweetness.  She's watched every episode of Glee, (maybe twice) and has become a fan of a much broader range of music, which makes her willing to switch stations to oldies and country as well as pop.  She's begun doing extra chores without being asked.  I love it when I find the dishwasher not only unloaded but reloaded.

Last Friday as we were driving home from the hospital, I said to her, "You must be getting tired of all of this."

She replied, "But you meet so many new people in the hospital!"

She makes me ashamed of myself.  But I'm always proud to be her mom.


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  1. Kids can sure teach you some things.....She has a wonderful attitude.