Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Simple Misunderstanding.....

The lovely folks at Make-A-Wish called me Wednesday evening.

"We've received a donation of tickets for a Dairy Fest and we were wondering if you'd like to take Babygirl?"

Dairy Fest?  Well, I'm wondering if I want to take her, too.  But hey, as my sister says, 'If it's free, it's me," so I told her that if no one else wanted them, we'd take them.  Apparently, nobody wanted to go to a Dairy Fest even if it was free, so she told me to expect the tickets in the mail.

So I did what anybody would do - I Googled the Dairy Fest.  Now this event was in a TINY town about 20 miles from anywhere, but I suprisingly got a hit.  Sadly, though, the website informed me that do to circumstances beyond their control, this years' event was cancelled.

Well.  Not like I was dying to go, but having grown up in the kind of small town where being voted "Dairy Princess" for the Memorial Day parade is a big deal, I thought it would have been a cool way to show Babygirl how I grew up.

The tickets arrived on Thursday.  Imagine my surprise when, instead of cows, the tickets sported Fairies, gnomes and trolls!

FaeryFest..... oh, right.

So we went, giving the excess tickets (there were six of them!) to a family with a lot of kids who were in line waiting.  We saw fairies, trolls, leprechauns.  Ogres, satyrs and fauns. Magicians and musicians.  Probably 90% of the guests were in some sort of costume, and the makeup on some of the staff was astounding. Despite 93 degree heat, we really had a good time.

But I must observe:  If you are 65ish, you are too old to wear a Tinkerbell costume, especially if that costume makes the people walking behind you pray sincerely that you are wearing underwear. 


P.S. Sadly, I ended up noting that she WAS wearing underwear.  But I doubt Tinkerbell would be caught dead in lace-trimmed granny panties.

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