Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Week Sixty-two - Tired of the Phone Calls....

I was a day late taking Babygirl to get her blood work done.  I was supposed to take her Monday, but I absolutely forgot, as if it were never on my list to start with.  I actually remembered at three AM Tuesday, after I'd already let her go to her sister's to spend the night.  Three AM, you say?  Yeah, I've been seeing that time frequently lately.  I never imagined I'd have insomnia, but it hits a couple of times a week now.  It scares me, sometimes, because it can hit the night before I have to do the big run to Philadelphia.  So far I haven't been sleepy driving, but I keep to daytime drives as much as possible.

So at 6:30, after three hours of sleep, I went to Curlygirl's place and banged on the door, grabbed Babygirl and took her in for her blood work, getting mine at the same time.  The phlebotomist missed the first stick because the vein near her elbow has scarred shut.

So later yesterday they called with her results.  The neutrophil count is down but holding at a reasonable level. The creatinine is up to 1.0.  See you Monday.


I don't want to hear "down" in regards to neutrophils.  And I REALLY don't want to hear "up" about the kidney function.

And when I got home today there was a message from my doc about MY blood work, but they were already closed when I called.  He never calls, so something must be up with me, too.  Oh, yippee skippy.


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