Sunday, June 17, 2012

Saying Farewell.....

We have had an awesome support system throughout this incredibly difficult journey.  But the people who have been supportive of us were our friends and family long before we needed them so desperately. 

So it was with tremendous sadness that I said farewell to our pastor and his wife today.  They've been with our church for eight years.  They've known us from the early days of our marriage, seen us survive foster parenting, welcomed our children as confirmed members of the church, and led us into the mission field, changing our lives forever.

They've known Babygirl since she was four, only two years after she came to us, and like so many people, they opened their hearts to her special brand of love and kindness.  I'm sure it was they who began the immense love gift collection that pulled us forward toward a more balanced budget! 

The offered me the opportunity to direct the choir, an awesome joy and responsibility that gave me many gifts during the time I was able to do it.  They brought joy and love and healing to a church that certainly needed all of those things.

We will certainly see them again, but nevermore in the special relationship that parishioners develop with a truly excellent pastor/wife team.

So PT and Judy:  God has called you to a new church!  Make them deserve you - it's what you did for us.


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