Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Expected Panic....

I've sorted my tools, making sure each has my color-coded tape mark so I can find them in the heap that develops as the mission projects get underway.  I've done enough laundry that I'll be able to pack my suitcase tomorrow morning.  I've spent extra time at the office, trying as best I can to get ahead and not leave anything loose ends for anyone else next week.

I'm thinking about themes for devotions, since we will have to be the leaders of at least one morning "devo" next week.  I've given thought to which ladders should go, and which should stay.  I've charged all the batteries on my new drill set, and checked to make sure I bought the right blades for my little power saw.  I changed the razors in my knives.  And to guarantee that I won't have to paint, I included two brand-new paintbrushes.  (It's like how having an umbrella seems to prevent rain.)

I had the oil changed.  Had the tires checked. Then we discovered that the AC on the big green van (fondly known as "The Green Goose" for heaven alone only knows what reason) is not working. It didn't respond to simple fluid resuscitation, so instead of putting Rhonda the Honda in at the AC place, the Goose went in instead. 

The mechanic started the Goose with some difficulty.  He pulled it into the garage, looked the AC over, decided what parts he needed to order, and then was unable to restart it to get it back OUT of his garage.  Seems that the starter is no good, so he's getting a new one and installing it with the AC parts in the morning.

We know that God loves us.  But there are times when it is easier to be sure than others. I was about to hop in that van with a load of teenagers and drive a thousand miles onto one lane country roads.  If there was going to be a problem, it's nothing short of a miracle that it happened HERE.  I mean, seriously, how often does your car break down WHILE IT'S IN the garage??

When I made the choice to (re)join the mission team, I figured that at some point I'd hit some sort of panicky wall.  After all, things have not exactly been going smoothly. 

But I'll take this as a sign: God is in control of the details, even when we aren't aware of it - even when we don't want to let go of our illusion of control over those details.


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