Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week Sixty-six - Re-entry......

Coming back into the "real world" after any kind of break can be a challenge.  We used to see horrible behavior in our foster kids after home visits, something which Hubby and I referred to as "The Re-entry Phenomenon."  Switching gears from one thing to another can lead to incredible glitches: The kind of can't-find-my-shoes-my-purse-my-KEYS crap that can make you arrive at work feeling like you've been shot out of a rocket.

Oddly, despite all of the above happening, and my arrival at work a bit late on Monday, the week feels as if it went fairly smoothly.  Oh, it was a full-moon kind of week, despite the fact that the moon will be full NEXT week.  At least MY keys didn't end up at the bottom of the elevator shaft (they had slipped through the lining of my purse and disappeared).  And any week in which Babygirl has no blood work or hospital visits is a good week by definition.

Hubby and I decided that since we drive past an amusement park every single time we are on our way to and from CHOP, and since Babygirl worships 'coasters, that we'd invest in season passes.  Babygirl and I broke them in today.

I can unequivocally say that, as much as I have adored roller coasters all of my life, my vestibular system no longer agrees with me.  Sad as it is, I may make it through this season with Babygirl, but I'm never going to be able to ride with her like I did with her other sisters. 

It was a good day anyway - it took six 'coaster rides before I felt like I was going to toss something, and by that time Babygirl was tired.  We left about two minutes before it began to pour, so the timing was excellent!

Doctor visit and blood work in the morning.  If it's hot, maybe we'll stop on the way home and use the water park!


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