Sunday, July 8, 2012


I value silence.  When I adopted Curlygirl, I discovered that there are people who not only do NOT value silence but thrive on chaos.  In order to maintain my sanity, I became a morning person, arising early to enjoy the paper or a book on the porch before the day got crazy.  It is still very important to me to have at least a little quiet time each day.

Still, one doesn't survive mothering up to seven kids at one time without adjusting to a little hullabaloo.  But what amazes me is that I've learned to love it, at least a little at a time.

So today, when Curlygirl and Boo'sMommy were playing the new version of Monopoly with the radio blaring; and Squeaker's dad in the next room with something loud on the TV; and Babygirl rattling pans from the dishwasher while I tried not to trip over Boo and prepped dinner; and hubby running some power tool in the basement to classic rock, I didn't feel stressed.  I felt blessed.

Sometimes there is great peace in cacophony.  If the noise means that most of the people you love are safe under one roof, enjoying each other's company without strife, it is enough. 



  1. Amen...and a beautiful family you have

  2. Good Morning.
    I happened to find your blog reading 366 Random Acts of Kindness. Waking up early and sitting on the back porch sounds so peaceful before embracing your big family interspersed with a little Hullabuloo.
    Thanks to you, I just found out that Monopoly put out a "New Version". I promptly googled it. This is just what my sister and I needed when we were growing up, did we ever finish a game? probably not. Have a Blessed Sunday!

    1. Welcome aboard! I'm glad you learned something new LOL. The only time our family ever finished a game of Nonopoly was on New Years Eve, waiting up for the ball to drop!