Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mission Trip, Day Four....

Tuesday, July 17th

Up at 7 for devotions at 7:15.  Each group takes turns.  Today's group uses "Call Me Maybe" to emphasize how Jesus' followers left immediately when called to follow him.

Today we are finished making forms for a partial foundation under 'our' room.  We had brought nine 80 pound bags of concrete with us in the van (oh Lord please bless the Goose - her springs are FLAT), along with some OSB (3/4 inch thick rough plywood flooring material).  We had to fit kids in over and under everything.

Our site has a cement mixer - very unusual.  Usually when we do concrete we mix it bag by bag in a wheelbarrow, stirring with a rake or hoe.  Since the only flat place to set this up is considerably downhill from the entrance to the house, we work as a bucket brigade.  Ryan and I mix concrete and dump it into 5 gallon buckets (about 1/3 full is what everybody can carry).  Lynn waits upstairs to make the concrete fit the mold.  Everybody else has a bucket and just keeps running in circles.  It takes us just over one hour to pour over 800 pounds of concrete.

I was, as always, wearing Mason's bracelet, in honor of baby Mason, who died of SIDS this past January.  His picture pin was also with us in the van.  Here's my journal entry for that day:

"Mason was with us today.  He's young for a mission trip, but he's always here with me.  His baby blue bracelet, along with Babygirl's Make-A-Wish band, got completely covered in concrete today as we worked to shore up a sinking room."

I also made note of my "clown fall."  At 54, I assumed I was too old to do a backward 360 roll down a steep hill.  I was mistaken.  I can do it. 

My only other note says, "Peace."  My heart was truly peaceful all day. 


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