Monday, July 2, 2012

One Good, Deep Breath......

As much as I hate the phone calls, I have to say I hate it more when they don't call. 

Babygirl and her BFF and I came to Philly yesterday with my Mom.  We all had dinner with my brother and his wife, and settled Mom in for the night there.  We, as always, stayed with my sister-in-law.  I actually fell asleep before she came home from work!

The car of the week is a Volkswagon Jetta diesel (thanks, Tom and Erica!  You were the first to volunteer a car, and hopefully the last we'll need!).  It's a great ride, comfy seats, though Babygirl has discovered that leather gets HOT.

We had our appointment as usual, visited the Philadelphia Zoo (awesome), and came 'home' again to spend a couple of more days.  None of the lab reports were available yet when we left the office, and usually they aren't all available, so we waited for the call to fill us in.  Since her kidney function was a bit worse last week, I am, admittedly, anxious.

It's after five, there's no call. 

Remind me to shut up and stop complaining, because I whine when they call, and worry when they don't! 

Ugh. When people ask how she's doing these days, my answer is, "Today is a good day."  We've been living moment to moment for weeks now.  But emotionally, each lab test has weight.  Each result reassures, or frightens.  Last week was not reassuring, and I was hoping for better.  Hoping, honestly, for one good, deep breath.


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