Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's a Biopsy.....

It's been a long day.  My friend's son's funeral was this morning.  To make it possible for me to go, my schedule got rearranged, losing my afternoon and morning off, and stuffing a lot of people into a theoretically short afternoon.  I have two students, which makes juggling the day a little more challenging.  And I got a phone call from a Philadelphia area code that made me have to walk out and leave part of my lunch behind.

The call was from anaesthesia.  "We have a few questions for you."  "Well, okay, but first I have a question for you.  Are we having a biopsy?  If so, when?" 

She was a bit set back by the question, but filled me in on the details.  Babygirl will be admitted Monday for an afternoon biopsy.  No food after midnight, clear liquids and meds until 10 AM. 

Length of stay is entirely out of my hands.  If they opt to start plasmapheresis, it could be a while.


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  1. Have a blessed Easter.I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers next week.