Monday, March 4, 2013


I received a call from the sedation team today.  They reviewed Babygirl's chart and came, unsurprisingly, to the conclusion that she was not a candidate for sedation because of her weight.  The steroids have increased her weight so much that she could stop breathing, so she the referral was sent on to general anaesthesia for scheduling.  It's just one more way that medication side effects are running our lives.

This is hardly big news - if it was true in November, it is true now.  Nothing has changed.  So now another team has to look things over and decide when the biopsy can be done.  Since the anaesthesia nurse had no idea we had a second-choice date, and things aren't looking good for March 14th, I told her that spring break is April first.  That would mean that for the second year in a row we'd have to leave home immediately after Easter dinner and run to Philly.

Such is life LOL.


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