Friday, March 29, 2013

Week One Hundred and one - Crazed....

Last year at Eastertime Babygirl was still recovering from her transplant.  We were still adjusting to the necessities of her new diet, new housekeeping standards, and medication regimen.  If I recall corrctly, we were just finishing with needing to visit Philadelphia twice a week and were down to weekly visits.  Since those visits were on Mondays, that meant that Sundays were travel days. 

We weren't yet into the rythym of the travel.  Each trip still had an urgent, shot-out-of-a-rocket feel to it.  Now, the bags pack themselves, the car goes into autopilot, the music rocks and we're there before we know it.  Then, not so much.

So last Easter, I was crazed.  I can admit it now.  I'm getting better at spotting crazed, but I'm not any better at preventing it.  But I think I'm less crazed about the kinds of things that can't be changed, like family holidays overlapping medical commitments. 

God bless my family.  My Easter Bunny brother (who was caught on film performing his duties here: and everybody else dealt with my mommy-on-the-edge-of-hysteria mindset without comment.  Looking back, it was not my finest moment in hospitality.  I'm impressed that they are coming back again this year. 

But if there is any holiday that centers on forgiveness, Easter is it.  So tonight I'll attend Good Friday services and sing in the dark.  I'll remember the Love that gave His all for us.  And I'll rejoice in the resurrection, enjoy some candy, and not plan on leaving until everybody is done celebrating, however late that is.

And I might even buy the Easter Bunny some donuts.


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