Saturday, March 16, 2013

Errands and Miscellany.....

Scraping and sanding and standing on ladders isn't all I've accomplished on this long weekend.  Friday was a busy day for both Hubby and I, but since my hands were less full, I picked up Squeaker at day care, adjusting my day a bit.  Since minding a not-quite toddler is not compatible with painting while standing on a ladder, I switched to errand-running instead.

My birthday is coming up, and I need to renew my driver's license (due every four years on one's birthday in this state).  I had misplaced the renewal paper, which required a vision screen, and decided that I'd just head to the DMV and do the whole thing there.  Turns out that it's a good thing I did.  I hadn't noticed that the paperwork required and in-person visit to renew my photo.  It's been twelve years since they last updated it, and I must say that I have changed just a touch since then.  I'm not convinced, however, that a photo taken at the end of long day of construction work and baby-hauling is necessarily representative of my current good looks. 

And speaking of baby-hauling:  Squeaker is a BIG boy.  I have nothing but respect for the strength my tiny daughter must be developing to carry him around.  By the time I loaded and unloaded him from the car a few times my shoulders were screaming.  But he is handy to have on such trips.  He is SO adorable (honest, not just Grandma bias!) that people go out of their way to make his day (and therefore my day) pleasant.  They even let us skip a line at the DMV - He's that cute.


And for those women who are interested in my saw: It's the single best tool I have ever owned, with my hammer drill a close second.

And now, on to painting, followed by the Mission Team's chicken and biscuit dinner fundraiser.  I'll be singing for tips if anyone local wants to hear that!  And I'll take tips if you don't want me to sing too!


PS Babygirl's recent labs (done locally) are okay.  Her creatinine is 1.0, stable.  Dr B went on to inform me that they are "going to" set up a biopsy.  Really??? Dude, how long can this take???

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