Friday, March 22, 2013

Week One Hundred - Blessed are the Flexible....

Babygirl and I went to our first yoga class yesterday.  I can't recall what type of yoga it was, but the focus was on deep relaxation.  We spent an entire hour lying flat on our backs, focusing on letting all the stress out of our bodies and breathing deeply.  I have to say that emptying myself of stress was a challenge, but neither Babygirl nor I felt as if it really took an entire hour.  And she didn't have a headache today, so maybe it's worth continuing.  But aside from getting up and down off of the floor it didn't require nearly as much flexibility as I expected.

Today is my birthday.  Hubby is still not 100%, so we decided to try for a simple restaurant with a short wait.  Two years ago that would have meant our favorite Chinese buffet, but Babygirl is not allowed to go to buffets anymore due to possible food contamination, so anywhere we go must be a make-it-fresh kind of place.  We settled on Friendly's, and I was looking forward to a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sundae!

When we arrived, Boo in hand, they had a waiting time of nearly half an hour.  Not being new to the toddler-in-a-restaurant situation, I decided that this was not the place for us, so we went to local dive that serves amazing hot wings.  The wings were amazing, as were the onion rings, spiedies and fries.  Boo tried everything and loved it all except the hot wings.  She liked the idea, but you know that delay when something that is really spicy tastes great and then suddenly the heat is there?  We are mean people.  We let her do it twice.

We stopped for Ben and Jerry's on the way home, and I'm eating 'everything but the....' as we, well, speak.

"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not get bent out of shape."

It was a great evening.  I love my family, and I'm eternally grateful to have them.



  1. So much for you taking it easy on Hubby's stomach!!!!

    Where did you go for Yoga? I am in for relaxation and stress relief these days!!!!
    (as usual!!!!!!!!)

  2. A college student teaches a class at my church weekly. It's the first time I've been able to go.