Monday, May 13, 2013

Growing Pains......

We are never too old to feel the sting of growing pains.  In fact, adults feel them all the time.  From the moment I first realized, at age 21, that I would never have an entire summer off for school break (or an Easter Break or a Christmas Break!) I've had many such 'growing pains' moments.  We all see them - those moments when we are forcibly reminded that childhood is long over and we have become, irrevocably, grown-ups.

Each of us can easily make a list:
    First grey hair.
    Birth of first child.
    Child going to kindergarten.
    First major injury.
    Difficulty getting up off the floor.
    Child graduating high school/college.
    Realizing that ladders are much higher than they used to be.
    Caring for a chronically ill child.
    Noticing that new lack of agility.
    Moving an aging parent home with you.
    Burying a parent.
These things can range from the sublime to the rediculous, but each one reminds us of our advancing committment to adulthood and aging.

Hubby and I both had one such moment at the Post Office on Saturday.  We filled out our passport applications, submitted them, and drove home.

On the way home, Hubby said, "So, what did YOU put down under 'hair color'?

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!  We both had to admit that we'd written "Grey."  We kinda had to match the pictures, you know? 


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