Saturday, May 11, 2013


Babygirl, Hubby and I went to the post office today to submit our applications for passports!  We were met there by our Make-A-Wish Wish Granters who came along to pay the bill.  They were totally impressed by how "organized" we were.  That's because, of course, they weren't here at home Thursday evening as Hubby and I ransacked the house to assemble the appropriate paperwork!

For Babygirl we needed her adoption decree, her new American birth certificate and the matching Social Security card..  We weren't sure so we also brought her citizenship notice, her Guatemalan passport (long since expired) and her Guatemalan birth certificate.  They asked if she had any photo ID (not counting the absolutely adorable but hopelessly out-of-date passport picture).  I know I'm not 30 anymore and I may be just a tad out of touch, but where the heck would a 13 year old get an official photo ID?  We were offered the opportunity to purchase a passport card (oh, so THAT'S where a 13 year old gets an official ID!).  I know about enhanced driver's licenses, but I had not heard of passport cards (you need the passport book for overseas travel). 

For Hubby, we needed only his application and his expired passport, plus a peek at his driver's license. 

For me?  Well, I have no idea where my old passport is.  It's clearly expired, and I know where I last saw it, but no idea where it went from there.  So I got to start from scratch, with:

Application, application to replace lost/stolen passport (separate form with same info), birth certificate (I brought two, both certified, and thankfully one of them listed my parents' names, since that was required), proof of name changes (first marriage certificate, divorce decree, second marriage certificate),  my social security card and my driver's license. 

Men have it so much easier LOL.

A quick phone call to our oldest to get her address for an emergency contact, and we were done.  The entire process took nearly an hour, much to the dismay of the kid waiting behind us LOL.  We were grateful to Make-A-Wish for funding this - the total tab was well over $300.

But it's a big step - looking to fulfill Babygirl's Wish in August!


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