Friday, May 10, 2013

Third Year, Week Three - Running......

It's been a busy week. 

Friday:  Work, grocery shopping, laundry.

Saturday:  Move mom, feed moving team, unpack, feed family, unpack, laundry.

Sunday:  Pack lunches, travel to Dorney Park, travel on to Philly.

Monday:  Downtown Philly to see doctor (should I worry because I haven't heard anything about labs yet?), drive home, unpack unpack.

Tuesday:  Work.  Unpack. 

Wednesday:  Work.  Unpack.  Unpack more.

Thursday:  Clean bathrooms, clean pet cages and litter boxes, laundry, work, take Curlygirl to grocery store, help JuJuBee transport things to new apartment, search for paperwork necessary for passport applications.

Today:  I already have two loads of laundry done with more to go.  I'll head for work in a minute, come home and continue unpacking with my Mom.  But for right now I'll enjoy one more cup of coffee and enjoy watching the dog chasing dream rabbits (Wooof.  Woooofwooooofwooof.) while the fog burns off outside my window. 

It's good, really good, to have an unscheduled moment to listen to the morning birdsong.

There won't be many such moments this weekend either.


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