Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Sandwich.......

Hubby works on Sundays, and Babygirl is not confident with the stove, so no breakfast in bed for me!  I'm sure someone has done it in the past, probably more than once, but I clearly remember only one time:  A plate of scrambled eggs, toast and bacon arranged to look like a big smiley face.  And it was edible!

Mother's Day at our house is usually haunted by loss.  Birthmothers, dead, living or status unknown hover around my children in my imagination at least.  The girls rarely say anything, but I know that they contemplate what is versus what might have been at least sometimes.

And today I have been contemplating that, too.  What is versus what might have been.

I might have opted not to have the one baby I had.  I might have never opened my life and heart to any child.  I might have, in the past two years, watched my youngest die.  I might have, in the past two months, watched my mother die.

I cannot contemplate any of those 'might have beens' without weeping.  Each and every child in my life has been an unspeakable blessing. My mother has been my support and help for my whole life.  The thought of not having known, or having lost, ANY of them brings me to my knees in gratitude for all I have been given. 

We who are in the Sandwich Generation, caring for both the generations before and after us, have many challenges.  Making ends meet in terms of time and energy is not the least of these.  But we who are in this situation also realize that we are intensely blessed.  We have, in our day-to-day lives, the joys and benefits of both generations. 

We are sandwiched between obligations, duties, stresses and strains.  But more than this, we are sandwiched by love.


PS  Check your car.  If you have both a walker AND a carseat for a grandchild, you can add one more layer to your sandwich.  The Club Sandwich Generation?

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