Thursday, May 30, 2013

Third Year, Week Six - Flipping the Pages.....

I can't believe that this month is SO close to done!  When I was a kid a month took forever (ask my brother to explain his "Pie Theory" as to why this is so), and May was one of the very very longest. 

The days are long, and the weather (usually) sweet, and we were trapped in school and unable to stay up late and enjoy the long days.  Looking out a window at such beauty makes the day drag so! 

But now it seems that I go to bed on Friday and wake up on Monday morning and wonder what on earth happened to the time in between.  I know I'm busy, but I do my best to enjoy each moment I'm in. But they rush by with blinding speed, and memories seem like eye-blinks instead of hours or days.

I'll pray for all of us that this weekend, time slows and we enjoy each other and the beauty that is early June, since I apparently missed most of May!


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