Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Old Hometown....

Babygirl and I took a walking tour of the tiny Main Street of my hometown.  She got to see just how little there is on such a street compared to the small city we live in.  She was stunned to see how little there is to do.  The movie theater has only one screen, and one movie each week.  There's one bowling alley.  A couple of restaurants, a furniture store, Christian bookstore, jewelry store, gas station. 

We drove out to my old home, my old schools, and the local parks.  Along the way, I pointed out the homes where my friends and classmates lived - nearly every other one on some streets.

And she got it, a little.  In a small town, every other house has a friend, a teacher, a pastor.  A memory. 

When we were done she decided she likes our small city better.  Why wouldn't she?  It's HER hometown.  Someday she'll take her children around (God willing) and show them where she used to hang out and where her friends lived.

But for today she has a vision that life can be different.  There are woods to be walked.  Small quiet streets to explore.  Handmade pizza to try, and back roads to drive.

It's been a good day.


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