Sunday, October 20, 2013

Learning to Move Slowly......

Having three people over the age of 75 in the house is an exercise in moving slowly.  You can't pass them - they're too easy to knock over, and God forbid we end up breaking somebody.  With a toddler you can just scoop 'em up and cart them wherever if they are moving to slowly or in the wrong direction.  Not so much the elderly.

It's been fun so far having everybody here, not counting the bottleneck that occurs in our kitchen at mealtimes.  Auntie is sharing stories and pictures from her end of the country and we're going to have a look through all the Paris picture in a few minutes.

Babygirl and her new cousin have walked and ridden bikes all over the West Side today, and we snuck into an awesome open house in a place we can't afford but enjoyed snooping through.  It's tragic that they can't get along better LOL.

There's nothing wrong with slowing down.  It's not my usual habit, not at all.  But letting some things go to appreciate the things that matter is never, ever a bad idea.


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