Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunday Rambles.....

Sunday began with another morning breakfast at the lakeside.  We packed all of our gear, and loaded the truck (in the traditional downpour that opening the truck cover engenders).  We checked out of the KOA with plans to come back someday, and headed for church.

The church our friends were married in is pastored by our former pastor,  so it was wonderful to worship there with him and his wife and most of the people from our own church who had attended the wedding.  After church, the pastor and his wife took us to tour the new building their congregation is moving into in a few weeks - amazing, amazing space!  Seven of us had lunch together, giving the mother-of-the-groom a much needed opportunity to decompress all of her wedding stress.  It's always entertaining to hear the behind-the-scenes drama.  Who knew the cake had almost fallen over?

On the way to the wedding we had passed an outlet mall, and on the way home decided to check it out.  We spent more than a few hours shopping - clothes, shoes, kitchen gear, food - it was all great fun, and the heavens did NOT open every time we loaded a couple of bags into the back of the truck.  Perhaps that is reserved for a full load-up.

We got home without getting lost, unpacked without getting soaked, and slept like babies in our own beds.

It's hard to say what the best part of the day was.  Worship.  Lakeside.  Bargain-hunting.  Two hours of laughter and love with old friends.  Enjoying the whole package with Hubby and Babygirl. 

Yeah.  That last thing.  The whole package.  We have a very good life.


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