Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Final (I Hope) Airport Run.....

Yesterday evening the family gathered for music, games, and general unexpected time together..  Babygirl, her California cousin and a local cousin went to the Boo at the Zoo and had a very good time.  My sister-in-law and I went along and enjoyed the walk - our zoo walk is on the side of a mountain and more than a mile around, and it's some distance from the parking in.  It turns out that it was exactly what I needed to get the travel kinks and fatigue out of my system! 

Despite my exhaustion, I had more than a little difficulty sleeping.  I got up after about four hours of sleep and helped Auntie finish packing.  I sacrificed my pink-and-purple striped Paris-trip suitcase for the cause.  My Auntie is a compulsive shopper, and her granddaugher is to tiny to be the mule for all that stuff!  I'll pick up the suitcase (God willing) when we make our trip out west next year. 

The ride to the airport was uneventful, but given the general Karma of the last few days I decided to wait it out until they were safely on the plane.  Babygirl had come along for the ride, and she and her cousin had a lovely time exploring the airport in the few minutes we had available. 

After the plane took off we went back to the parking lot to discover a rather large boot-shaped truck with Maine plates.  I didn't know LL Bean had a truck!  The only other advertising vehicle that I have seen that is more conspicuous is the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile. 

We did some grocery shopping on the way home.  The laundry is sorted, and Hubby has fixed whatever difficulty arose with the dryer while my brother was using the dryer outlet to charge up his electric car.  (Yeah, I know.  There really is NO limit to what weird crap can go wrong here or why.)  Babygirl is watching Dr. Who reruns.  She's cleaned the kitchen and is putting a second load of dishes away.  Dinner's been started.  I did about an hour of work work on the computer that will make my Monday run a bit smoother, and I'm sitting here determined to enjoy the next 4 hours, which will comprise the entirety of my free time out of this three-day nightmare.

It will be enough. It has to be - there are really no other choices.  The day I took of this week to spend time with my dad has been sacrificed to get last Friday off to get Auntie to the airport. 


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