Sunday, October 13, 2013

Little Discouraging Things.....

My housekeeper did not show up yesterday morning. 

Seriously, that was all it took for me to pull out my personal broomstick and ride it through the universe.  Well, that and only 3 hours of sleep.

I haven't had a cleaning helper all that long, but it is amazing how much can get done by two people in four hours compared to one person in any amount of time.   I tried calling and discovered that his number is one of several that my new phone just  re-assigned a new number to, so if he doesn't get in touch I won't be able to find him (I already checked the phone book - he has a unique name.  He's not there).  It's most likely due to the not-next-week-the-week-after stuff that happens here all the time, so I have to make sure someone is here at 7 AM next Saturday in case he comes, and look for someone new if he doesn't. 

So....the kitchen is clean (thanks, JuJuBee) and the upstairs bath (thanks, Hubby) and the downstairs bath, sort of (um, thanks, JuJu) and Mom's bath (me).  And I did what I'd planned:  Hands-and-knees scrub of the living room floor with a full closet cleanout. 

What didn't get done?  The dining room floor, and all of the sweep-and-mop of Mom's side of the house.  This would matter less if we'd cleaned last week (wedding trumps cleaning!) or if we weren't accepting houseguests, who will have to stay on her side of the house, in just six days. 

I have to say I slept well.  I also have to admit that my triceps are not happy and I still have another floor to scrub. 

It amazes me sometimes that I handle some of the big stuff with less hysteria than some of the little stuff.


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