Thursday, October 31, 2013

Year Three, Week 30 - Winding Down the Crazy....

Aside from the general busy-ness of life in our house, the Crazy seems to be easing up.

The new computer system with full Electronic Medical Records at work is murder to learn.  Every time someone complains about a new symptom (which is an hourly event) I click on some new button that leads me on some insane portion of the medical Yellow Brick Road.  Six months from now this will turn out okay.  Now, not so much, but we're managing.

My Dad will be heading home tomorrow, sometime after I finish my root canal.  (Easy to forget that THAT got rolled into last weeks total nuthouse adventure, right?)  He asked me yesterday how many trips I intended to make to get rid of him.  LOL.

So hopefully this weekend will only involve ONE 400-mile round trip.  And if I'm lucky I won't feel the need to bring work home.


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