Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Coming Back...

Yesterday's lab reports represented an improvement:  Creatinine is down from 1.3 to 1.1 with her baseline being 0.8 (and normal for age 0.6 or less).  Potassium back to normal at 4.3 (but we had a better phlebotomist - our man Frank was there and he doesn't fool around.  The girl the other day did a lot of the vein-patting delay-tactic stuff that can cause an artificial rise in potassium due to trauma).  She still has too much acid, but that's better also.

The good news is that they aren't immediately calling us to Philly. There was a grumble about the fact that our next appointment isn't until the end of November, so after the team chats this morning, that might get shifted.

Babygirl wasn't up to school but she was very productive with the math tutor (the poor young lady whose first experience was to watch her cry the other day).  She says Babygirl covered four days of math.  Yippee, I say. Now she's only TWO weeks behind in one class, and three weeks behind in eight others, but who's counting?  TutorGirl was a bit startled by this take on reality, and she's not in charge of the big picture, but he sent a text to Babygirl's advisor outlining my ongoing concerns about ALL of her classes. 

Meanwhile, I'm on day three of some kind of crud that makes me feel like someone ran me over with a truck, and I just cannot get warm.  Who gets goosebumps on just one half of the body? I swear they are rolling up and down from my right ankle to my shoulder.


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