Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day Of Rest.....

Babygirl has spent today recovering.  Headaches and tummy aches off and on with the sniffles that mark the end of the cold that's been riding in the background of the past two weeks.  She ate dinner and we're watching some TV, waiting for bedtime. 

I spent my day curled up with a book.  I couldn't get warm, so I finally got out the heating pad and plugged it in underneath myself while I read.  I've been too tired to read, which is very unusual, so I've been stuck on the same page for weeks.  It was a relief to finally finish something - an almost overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

I reset my brain with a handful of Sudoku puzzles. 

I stopped crying.

It's not much.  But it's the best I can do. 

I think I'm ready to face the week.


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