Sunday, October 26, 2014

Philly Rerun....

Babygirl had blood work done on Tuesday to see if the kidney has recovered from the most recent headache medication.  It has, mostly.  So when I finally got the results, I contacted the headache docs to let them know that, once again (or still, depending on one's perspective I suppose) we are in headache hell).  Babygirl's most recent trend has been headaches that begin about 3 PM, keep her up all night, and end at 10 AM.  I am beginning to get calls from the school, since she is neither attending nor able to meet with her tutors.

The headache folks began the debate on Thursday morning with the usual:  What's she tried?  What does nephrology say is okay to do?  What do you mean, she isn't going to school?? I'll call you back routine.  Among the discussed choices is the option to bring her in for outpatient nerve blocks and admit her if they don't work.  I tell the nurse that I think that this is a grand plan, but this isn't my first hayride, so please don't admit us on a Friday so we can sit in a hospital all weekend and do nothing, 'kay?   Good point, she admits.

By Friday at noon it is agreed that she is having nerve blocks at 1 PM on Monday.  My office manager clears my schedule for Monday, and, just in case, Tuesday.  The nurse tells me that they will call in a sedative for her to take before the procedure.  I suggest that they consider trying another rescue medication over the weekend as well, since the one they gave her to try a few weeks ago worked but had intolerable side effects.  I also point out that our pharmacy closes at 6 PM so she needs to make sure that this stuff gets done before then. 

At 5:30, I'm still at work, so I call Hubby to do the pharmacy run, and , Oh Happy Day, there is a prescription there for her!  The fact that it I later discover that it is the asthma medication I called for earlier this week was less happy news.  I'm still trying to figure out how I want to work around that one.

We'll be leaving this afternoon. I'm re-packing that toiletries bag. Say a prayer, will you?


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