Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Miserable Migraine....

I've had a couple of days this week where I feel  like somebody beat the crap out of me.  Muscles I didn't know I have have been cold and crampy and achy and tired.  I worked Monday and called in sick yesterday with a combination of headache and muscle pain.  I went to bed at eight last night and got up and went to the gym this morning.

(Aside story:  If you swim regularly, you kill bathing suits, especially since the people who make a plus-size suit apparently assume you will wear it for 10 minutes at a time once a year rather than actually exercise in it.  At this time of year, the only place to get a suit is online.  I ordered two, and one of the new ones seemed rather generously sized on the bottom and snug on top, opposite to the usual fat girl sizing.  It wasn't bad, but I discovered that breathing and swimming at the same time were not compatible activities in this suit.  The good news is that the ocean will NEVER be able to remove this suit, so it will go to the beach next time.)

I went to work, and toward the end of my first patient's visit, I got that telltale ache at the base of my skull on the right side (I nearly typed 'left'.  When I get these things it's almost always the right side and I almost always say left.  I don't know why).  It was followed by the sensation that the back of my scalp was wrinkling, with a crawling sensation (one of my least favorite auras).  I immediately took my migraine medications and moved on to my next patient.  I had barely finished when the side effects of the meds and the migraine hit together along with a massive wave of nausea, and I was done.  Nurses move fast when you say, "I'm going to throw up."

They had to walk me to a dark room where I watched the light show behind my eyelids and kept my ears covered against all the noise.  They shot me up with anti-emetics and called Hubby from work to come and get me.  He bought me a cup of full-strength coffee, and I went to bed and slept until three PM. 

My tongue is still tingling.  My head is still sensitive and noises are still a little much.  Time keeps jumping around.  Last time I looked it was four, and now it's six.  Babygirl has her own headache and s laying low.  Hubby is ordering pizza because it's the least noisy thing to make. 

I see the doc in the morning.


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