Saturday, November 1, 2014

For the Beauty of the Earth....

November has Thanksgiving Day in it, so it's become something of a blogger tradition to try an create a month of gratitude blogs.  Blogging daily is very challenging.  Being grateful is very challenging.  Doing both at the same time can be monumental.  I'll do my best to keep them simple, and confess right here that some were at least outlined a little in advance.  Sitting in a hospital in the dark with a sleeping teen gives you a certain amount of grace time.

On my most recent drives to and from Philadelphia I experienced a change of seasons.  At home, fall is nearly over.  The hills have hints of russet and grey, with a tiny bit of yellow and the remaining evergreens.  There is a muted beauty to the look of late fall and early winter. 

As I drove south, the early-winter look fades and mid-fall returns.  Reds and oranges and yellows reappear, dazzling corridors of color against blue skies.  In less than 48 hours I went winter-fall-winter-fall, each time blessed by the beauty of transformation.

Our lives are chaos, certainly.  Very little is harder than sitting next to a sick child in a hospital, hoping that things get better.  Lifting my eyes to the beauty of the world around me helps me remember that transformation is all around me, and I am grateful. 


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