Wednesday, November 5, 2014

For the Beauty of Each Hour.....

Tempus Fugit.

How many times do you look up at the clock and wonder what happened to the time?  How on earth is it lunchtime when you just had breakfast?  When was the last time you opened your eyes and looked, really LOOKED, out of a window?  How much of the beauty of each season passes unnoted and unremarked in front of your windshield?  How many smiling faces do you pass without really seeing them?  When was the last time you felt the softness of a blanket against your face, or the hand of your love brush your hair in the dark?

When was the last time you focused entirely on the moment you were in?

Each moment has its own loveliness.  Each caress, its element of holiness.  Each childish hug, a touch of eternal beauty.  Each and every joyful thanksgiving over a meal, holy communion. 

Pay attention!  See the beauty of each hour, and be thankful.


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