Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sun and Moon......

Yesterday was busy, and a planned soup-and-homemade bread dinner never quite got off the ground.  I did a lot of cleaning, ride sharing to grocery stores, and daydreaming to live Chinese music in a bookstore.  At the end of it all, Babygirl and I had to decide what to do about dinner.

Our church is a busy place.  We feed people.  A lot.  On election day we had a chicken and biscuit fundraiser.  On the first Friday of each month we host a free dinner for any college student who cares to show up.  Our town has three colleges, and our neighborhood has quite a bit of off-campus housing.  About 60 kids come and eat.  On the second and last Saturday of each month there is a free meal for anybody who wants to come, usually a hundred people or so (more at the end of the month when there is less money).  We have a food pantry, open two days a week.  My hubby and his best friend spend a lot of time shopping and cooking.  Babygirl and I don't often attend these meals, she because of her inability to eat food that has been standing out for any length of time (kidney transplant/germ rules) and I due to food allergies.  But we decided that it might be our best option for a hot meal and good company last night.

We drove Curlygirl and Squeaker home first, heading from bookstore to downtown, and from downtown to church.  Along the way we had to pull to the side of the road no less than FIVE times for emergency vehicles, each headed in distinctly different directions.  Fire, police, ambulances:  Everybody going every which way.  The final group was the largest, all apparently ending up in front of the slightly notorious Belmar Hotel, a smallish place where two ambulances, three police cars and one fire rescue truck seemed like they would have more personnel between them than would fit in the building. 

After this last fit of flashing lights, I speculated about the effect of the full moon on human behavior.  Babygirl said, "You don't really believe in that, do you?"

Oddly, medical personnel generally do. "Well, the moon picks up the entire ocean and moves it 12 feet up and down twice a day, right?  And people are mostly made of water, right?  And women's monthly cycles, on average, match the moon's monthly cycle. So....yeah.  I think I do."

So whatevertheheck was going on here last night, full-moon-residual-craziness or otherwise, we said a prayer for everybody and went to church, arriving in time to enjoy a nice, hot meal in the company of some very good folks, and we were grateful.


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