Friday, November 7, 2014

Hill and Vale....

Ups and downs.  We all have 'em. 

Babygirl was headache-free Wednesday evening to Monday night.  Tuesday she awoke with a killer headache, and we got to try the new medication, Migranal.

Migraine medication packaging is designed by Satan himself, I swear.  I can see Lucifer at Big Pharma drug development sessions saying, "Yes, yes, it works for the migraine, that's WONDERFUL.  Now make it impossible to open."  It's like dealing with a mirage in a desert, hope glimmering on the horizon.....

But I digress.  After reading the two pages of fine-print instructions and squinting at the teeny-tiny pictorials, Babygirl and I assembled the nasal inhaler to administer her medication (copayment cost per dose: $6.25).  I wish I'd had a camera to record her initial response to the sensation of a nasal spray.  After taking three doses 15 minutes apart, she had some partial relief and went to bed.  By the end of the day she was able to work with a tutor, and she went back to school on Wednesday. 

The headache was back yesterday, she managed the treatment on her own, and when I saw her last night she said the headache was a '1/10'.  We prefer zeros here but compared to the last six weeks of 5-10/10 headaches on an almost daily basis I'll take it for now. 

It's an improvement.  But being able to proudly say that my kid is down to only missing HALF of school is not exactly the dream goal I was hoping to achieve.  I'll see what she wakes up with and report the final stats to neurology today.  I'm sure I won't hear anything about a plan adjustment until next week, but...

Meanwhile I'm grateful for fewer headaches.  And for a treatment that works. 


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