Sunday, November 23, 2014

Graces Human and Divine.....

 Divine Graces. Forgiveness, love, faith, compassion among them. 

Human graces, the same.  The gentle kindness of our human co-travelers in this life are what point us toward the Divine. 

Babygirl was discharged from the hospital last night, just before nine PM.  They didn't exactly hustle us out - we were offered the option of sleeping over - but Babygirl's headache had drifted down to a 1/10 and she had a suspicion that her second IV site might not hold up for another round of medications, so despite the fact that we both had reservations, we decided to leave.  Unlike our last discharge (which for reasons unknown took over four hours), we were out the door in twenty minutes.  We hiked to the parking garage, and.... the car was dead. 

I checked immediately - the headlights were not on.  But one of the interior lights was - I must have switched it on to look for something when we arrived and forgotten about it. 

We don't have AAA (we keep talking about it and then forgetting to do it).  So I Babygirl and I dropped our stuff in the trunk and hiked back into the nearest building to ask security for help.  "We're dealing with a  bit of a situation, ma'am, but we'll get to you as soon as we can."  It wasn't long of a wait, and a kind guard came and drove us to our car. 

I'm notoriously nosy.  "So...what was the 'situation'?"  "Oh, a chopper came in with a trauma case and a cop.  Emotions run high, you know?"  I mentally translate.  If there's a cop, a parent is likely responsible for the trauma, and the other parent (and/or the grandparents) aren't handling this well.  "You see a lot, I imagine."  "I love my job, but I just made my 90 days yesterday and I've cried twice already." 

He doesn't look like the crying kind. 

The security car has a cool jumper cable hook-up that allows him to wire up to our battery and then just plug the other end into the front of his vehicle without even lifting the hood.  It set off my car alarms when it plugged it in, which made him jump a mile and unplug the cable.  "Was that you?!?"  "It's an automatic anti-theft alarm.  I'll switch if off when it comes on."  It took two more tries (with him jumping like he was being electrocuted each time) before he understood that he had to let it honk for a minute to give me time to turn it OFF.

Maybe he is the crying kind.

The car started without incident (except now I need to find the radio code to convince the radio that no one stole it).  He stayed for bit to make sure we were okay, and left us with a "Have a blessed night!"

Halfway home, Babygirl suddenly said, "My head doesn't hurt AT ALL." 

The fact that we had just made it calmly through what could have been a stressful car breakdown was undoubtedly helpful.  Ask anyone who knows me:  I'm not always good with the unexpected crisis.  The fact that security at the desk didn't do an eyeroll and was nothing but compassionate about it was amazing.  The gentle soul of the man who restarted our car calmed my heart. 

I will say it again:  God has no hands but ours.  I do not always handle the hearts of my fellow-travelers as gently and with as much grace as I might.  I am grateful for gentle reminders that I should.


PS She is still headache-free this morning, and morning is usually the worst.  We have recheck appointments with neurology and nephrology tomorrow morning.

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