Thursday, January 22, 2015

Appointments Made....

This virus has, as usual, triggered my asthma.  Getting out of bed this morning left me winded, so I called the family doc to see if he'd be willing to start some prednisone.  I'd like to avoid a rerun of  that ER visit in February of 2013.  Guess he'd like that too - he's seeing me in an hour.  Apparently I sounded rather impressively ill to the receptionist because my call got sent straight to the nurse. Other than that, I'm feeling better.  I appear to have given up the razor-blade-swallowing-festival that's been inhabiting my throat, although I still sound like some sort of amphibian when I speak.

On the Babygirl end of things:  I received no call backs and no email replies (beyond an 'I'll get to that tomorrow' from Monday') regarding her appointment despite leaving daily messages.  This morning when my daily 8:30 alarm went off (yeah.  I have an alarm set on my phone to go off daily at 8:30 to remind me that the phones are open at Neurology so I don't forget to start calling) I called, and instead of leaving a message for the doctor/nurse (option 3, then 3, then 3, then 4) I pushed the appointment button (option 1).  I got a good scheduler.

I explained the problem in what was probably the longest run-on sentence she'll have to deal with today, and in amphibian, no less.  She took it all in, and put me on hold for a bit to try to talk to the coordinator (agreeing with me that THAT person is no easy person to reach).  After a few minutes she came back ("Well, I got tired of waiting."  Jeepers, really?) and looked over all of the back-and-forth notes from all the nurses and doctors.  Dr Y is actually NOT seeing office patients on the day we need to see him (I misunderstood, he is handling hospital patients that week), but his nurse practitioner is available and has plenty of appointments free for headache patients on either of the days we need to be seen and we've see her before and....

W. T.  H. 

I have no problem seeing the NP.  I know from experience that she'll go drag Dr Y out of whatever hole he's hiding in if she thinks he needs to actually look at Babygirl.  What I don't get is why this was too complicated for the last scheduler or the nurse to figure out.  It was, of course, no problem whatsoever to make a matching appointment with nephrology.  They'd fit us in tomorrow if we needed them to.  Today, even.

The good news is that I can put patients in on Monday and Tuesday to help make up for being out so much this week. 


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