Monday, January 26, 2015

Remaking Godzilla.....

There is nothing like a good horror movie, or so I've been told.  I haven't really been able to watch one since I snuck downstairs and spied on the Friday Night Fright Night Late Night viewing of "The Blob" when I was about seven years old.  I have no idea what was so terrifying about it, but I've never been able to sit through a horror flick since then. No Freddy.  No Chucky. No "Day After Tomorrow" even. My kids mock me.

So I've never understood why anybody would REmake a scary movie.  I mean, really, if it scared the bejeepers out of everybody the first time, why go for it again?

But me, I'm just livin' the dream here.  Because  this wasn't scary enough: , I'm just doing it all again.  Like a bad redo of a movie that wasn't anything but frightening the first time. 

At least this time I've dodged the ER.  I have my little nebulizer an my bottle of steroids.  But every two hours for the last three nights running I've pulled up out of a sound sleep to the kind of cough that just empties your stomach.  I expect tonight will be more of the same.  I'm on day five of prednisone, so tomorrow the doc's going to get a message about how well I'm not doing.

Oh, did I mention I worked today?  Yeah, it was fun.  I am a little better, though - I didn't feel the overwhelming need to fall asleep every two hours, so things are looking up.


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