Monday, January 12, 2015

January Musings.....

Getting back into the groove after the holidays seems like an eternal process.  I just got the tree down on Saturday, and Babygirl and Curlygirl hiked the Christmas bins back up to the attic for me on Sunday.  The living room is ten sizes bigger, but so much darker.  I think maybe I should by some soft white LED lights for the mantle to mimic the more gentle background light that settles in our hearts at Christmastime, at least until the sun comes back! 

January is almost half over already. How did that happen? In a month when it feels like I am slogging through my work and sleeping through my evenings, the days seem to be flipping past awfully fast.

I sent Citygirl's love a text last night.  He didn't have me on his contact list, so I messed with his head a while while  he tried to guess who I was.  It was fun.  I need a better hobby.

Work varies from crazy to depressing.  Young people shouldn't be sick.  Moms shouldn't lose their kids.  Hospice shouldn't have so many, many patients.  There's a feeling of fighting a war I can't really win. And then the old ladies come, and laugh at their aches and pains and sorrows and bring the sunshine back with them. 

Hmm.  Maybe I AM back in the groove. 


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