Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Comin' Round the Mountain.....

The mountain that has been parked on my chest for the past week or so is crumbling a bit.  My re-visit to my doc yesterday resulted in a 50% increase in my steroid dose, right before bedtime.  I manage to sleep, really sleep, almost for two four stretches with only one ugly coughing spell in between.  It was lovely. 

But increasing steroids has a price.  I was crying at my first glimpse of my schedule this morning, which made my nurses scatter.  The good news is that this resulted in a drastic reduction in my patient count.  I managed to hang in long enough to clean up a ton of paperwork and backlogged 'tasks'.  There is still a lot to do, but it doesn't feel quite so overwhelming.  Next mood swing, five minutes.

Working to breathe is exhausting.  As long as I was sitting at my desk I was fine.  If I had to move from the desk to the nurses' station and back, I was about as winded as if I'd sprinted through the parking lot from Walmart to TGIFriday's.  So now that I can sleep, can breathing be far behind? 

I'm hopeful.


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