Monday, January 19, 2015

Making an Appointment......

Slogging through January leaves so little of interest to talk about. We are marching ever-so-slowly into Babygirl's new medication.  They want us to adjust the dose every two weeks and report back in SEVEN weeks.  We have an appointment next Tuesday.  We are negotiating about whether or not we need to go.

Appointments with neurology are ridiculous.  Babygirl was in the hospital twice in November, and we fortunately had a visit already scheduled for immediately after one of those stays.  We were told to come back again in a month.  Next week was the 'soonest they could get us in'.  "But he told us he wants us there in a MONTH."  Well, sucks to be you, doesn't it?  Two months is what we have, so two months is what it is. 

So last week as the nurse and I were discussing the medication change and the timing of her appointment.  I pointed out that perhaps seeing her next week when he wanted an update in nearly two months might not be the best in timing, and since Babygirl has two days of no school for no good reason in mid-March, perhaps that would be a better time? Especially as she'll be due to see the kidney docs about then as well? Gee, the nurse agrees, that makes perfect sense - let me check with the doctor. 

He apparently agreed, since I got a call from scheduling, who informed me that although the doctor wants to see Babygirl on one of those days in March when she has no school, he has no available appointments so she can't let us come those days.  Ummmm......seriously?  He's working those days, right?  Yes, yes he is.  But he can't see her. Sucks to be you. 

Now I know that this poor soul is stuck between good customer service and not pissing of the doctor she works for.  But it seems to me that if the good doctor has given her specific dates, that constitutes de facto permission to mess with his schedule a bit - it does in my office.  And at this point I'm more than a little tired of this game.  "You are going to have to negotiate with the nurses about this.  This is when he wants to see her.  Call me back next week." 

At this point I have two days scheduled off next week to travel for a Tuesday appointment at his off-site office that I likely will be cancelling, and no days scheduled off for the trip I'll likely be taking in March.  It feels like it shouldn't be this hard.


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