Friday, February 6, 2015

Morning Traffic.....

Yesterday morning at about 9:58 my text message tone went off while I was driving the car down our more-or-less ploughed Main Street in 4 inches of fresh powder juggling a coffee cup and dodging snowplows, garbage trucks, SUNY and City buses and inexperienced drivers who do not understand the laws of physics as they apply to frictionless surfaces.  I was in no position to look at it.

You see, on Thursday, I start work at 10 so I can have some later-in-the-day appointments available.  And that 'free' morning time usually gives me a chance to catch up on a few things. Having been sick for the better part of a month, I certainly have a list of things that could use caring for.  However....

Curlygirl recently moved, and in so doing got further away from her job and childcare.  She just discovered what happens to your life when you add a full-time job and public transportation to a toddler and put him in a new house.  I offered to ease her life a little by transporting when I can.  And JuJuBee had asked if I could help her with a ride to and from the cheap grocery store. 

By 9:58 I'd done a load of laundry, fed the dog, showered, driven Curlygirl to work, taken JuJuBee and myself to Walmart AND Aldi (with a stop at McD's for breakfast), dropped groceries at home for Babygirl to put away, unloaded JuJuBee's stuff and gotten back on Main Street to head for work, anticipating that I was not QUITE going to make it by 10.  Success, in my opinion, especially since I managed to avoid all the bad drivers. Oh, and add a coughing fit every time the cold air hit my lungs, because we are still playing THAT game.

The text was from a friend confirming Babygirl's tutoring schedule, something I deal with on at least a daily basis.  The crisis of the week there is that the Global teacher has quit and the new one has to juggle her schedule to fit our schedule, so there are daily calls and texts.

This is morning, before I begin 'working.'


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  1. i guess the day that followed was enterprising ...