Friday, February 27, 2015

Wednesday's Child.....

I have a patient who has Asperger's syndrome, and one of his talents is that he can, given your date and year of birth, tell you the day of the week you were born, the weather that day (provided you were born in the US, otherwise he'll have to generalize), AND the number one song of the day that day.  No kidding.  So our dinner table conversation, held at a lovely local diner overlooking one of our rivers, turned to this nursery rhyme:

"Monday's Child is fair of face.
Tuesday's Child is full of grace.
Wednesday's Child is full of woe.
Thursday's Child has far to go.
Friday's Child is loving and giving.
Saturday's Child works hard for a living.
And the Child born on the Sabbath day
is Bonny and Blithe and Good and Gay."

When we got home I went to the Day of the Week Birth Calculator and looked up some birthdays.  It was fun, in a creepy sort of way.

Boo is a Monday, and fair of face she is indeed. Her little sister Sunny is a Tuesday, and while equally lovely, certainly fits the 'grace' description better than her older sister. Citygirl is a Thursday, which is no stunning surprise:  She'd been to India and back before her first birthday.  But the other Thursdays included both of my parents (the ones who dragged us from one coast to another in a pop-up tent camper:  Not once.  Twice.) and both of my brothers (who both laid tracks before they laid roots).  We gots lots of Thursdays.  Curlygirl and her little Squeaker are both Fridays, and while she didn't seem Friday-ish as a teenager, she certainly is as a young adult, and he's love on little feet.  ChamaMama and I are Saturdays, worker bees born and bred.  JuJuBee is our Sunday, and while the cares of her young family weigh on her at times, she is and always has been the quiet smile in the room.

So, then, you ask:  Who are your Wednesday's children?  Hubby and Babygirl, of course.  Hubby by temperament, my beloved Eeyore. 

And Babygirl by life, I guess.  When I looked hers up her response was, "HEY! That's no FAIR!"

Yeah, Baby, no kidding.

That IS the way it works.


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