Monday, February 2, 2015

"Love Month"......

February looms, in my mind, as the longest month of the year.  The days aren't quite long enough to make it seem like winter will ever really end.  The viruses are endless.  There are random useless days off of school and not enough money leftover from the holidays to do anything exciting with them. 

And smack in the middle of it is Valentine's Day, one of the most overhyped romantic weirdnesses ever. 

Don't get me wrong - I love romance.  I just don't like forcing it on someone else, or being pressured to produce it at a specific time. 

But over the past few years February has increased what it has to offer.  Hubby's birthday is coming, and SqueakersDaddy's.  My nephew celebrates his at the end of the month.  And the 14th does double duty for another birthday as well, so there's so much more to look forward to than there used to be at this time of year.  Remembering all the reasons for love and joy despite the snow and clouds is a wonderful lift of the spirits!

If I could get my body to lift a little I'd be happier, though.  The razor blades were back yesterday morning so I had to give up and go back for antibiotics for the developing sinusitis.  I'm still steroid-cranky and tired. 


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