Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Starting the Fourth Year....

Three years ago this morning we arrived in ICU at CHOP. We'd been up for about 24 hours already, and were facing another similarly sleepless day and night ahead.  We were surrounded by surgeons, nurses, pain management specialists, residents and aides.  She had at least four separate IV lines.  The lights were never off and the beeping was fairly continuous.

But....the new kidney was peeing into the bag. 

Babygirl's native kidneys had been peeing all along, but they were only getting rid of water, and wasting a good bit of protein while they were about it.  Her own urine (and yes, I know, this is a detail no parent should really know about their kid!) was pale white.  The new stuff in the bag was bright yellow - the color of miracles in the kidney failure world.

Despite all of her trials since then, the miracle holds.  The kidney functions, and dialysis is a distant, ugly memory. 

For this next year I am hoping for the same thing I did last year:  Continued good function of Jorge's kidney, and a resolution of her headaches.


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