Thursday, January 24, 2013


Monday - school holiday.

Tuesday - Babygirl made it through the whole day!

Wednesday - headache, no school.


I got up this morning - no Babygirl.  So far that's come to mean that her alarm went off, her head is killing her, and she's gone back to sleep.  On days like this, I wake her up to take her pills and let her go back to bed.  This morning I was a bit slow about it and woke her up about 7:30, and then ran to fit in a shower so I could make it to work by 8 (live-work-shop-worship in the same zip code - it saves time LOL). 

At 7:50 I was putting on my coat and babygirl was saying, "HEY!  Wait up!" 

So I took her to school.  Heaven alone only knows if she had breakfast or not.  So this means she's attended more school in January (four days so far) than in November and December combined (zero is a pretty low number).

Still holding my breath.....


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