Monday, January 28, 2013


Friday Babygirl stayed home from school.  When I got home from work, JuJuBee was there with Boo, and Babygirl was nowhere to be seen.  This is unusual - Babygirl loves being an auntie and will usually push herself to spend time with Boo and Squeaker. 

"Where's Babygirl?"  "She said she didn't feel well and went to bed."  At five-thirty in the afternoon???

I went upstairs to her room and she was huddled under the blankets with a container nearby in case of vomitting.  She had awakened with a headache in the morning, but the nausea just kept getting worse.  I went for the thermometer and got close enough to get a good look at her and caught a whiff of ketones. 

Ketone is the stuff that nail polish remover is made from.  Remove the perfume, and what's left is what it smells like when someone is dehydrated and underfed.  Ketones are a by-product of burning fat, an indication that there is no glucose available in the system for use. 

For Babygirl this means that she is WAY down on fluids.  This is the first time I've smelled this on her despite the fact that nausea is an ever-increasing issue for her lately.

"What have you eaten today?"  "Nothing.  I feel like I'm going to throw up."  "Have you had a fever?"  "No, I checked." (Smart girl.)  "Did you take your nausea pills?"

Nope.  She didn't think of taking them, so I went to find some.  She has a bottle of generic Zofran, which is frequently used to prevent nausea due to chemotherapy.  I couldn't find it.  She had no idea where it might be, and thought maybe she'd run out (sixty pills for nausea in less than 6 weeks??? Holy crap.). 

Disasters seem more common on weekends, don't they?  Our pharmacy closes at 6 and is not open on weekends.  I barely got the call for the refill in in time for me to pick it up.  I usually walk to the pharmacy, but I drove this time!

The good news is is that the medication worked swiftly and well, and Babygirl was able to start catching up on fluids by seven. 

And by about ten my pulse returned to normal.  I really have to explain to my adrenal glands that they don't absolutely HAVE to give it their all each and every time Babygirl does something new.


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