Sunday, January 20, 2013


It's nice, now and then, to have nothing to say.  We've passed a peaceful weekend.  The house is clean.  We had friends over for dinner on Saturday and played some games.  Our friends are all going to spend time on The Bench with us, so we'll be together for a long time!

Today has been quiet.  It was lovely to welcome our pastor back from her maternity leave.  The fact that a bat was cruising about the sanctuary all through her sermon escaped her notice, although she DID wonder why people suddenly got up and left before the offering!  I simply assumed she had the best poker face EVER and was ignoring the thing LOL.

I spent some time with my mom, time with my Babygirl, and time with my Hubby.  I caught up on sleep and chatted with my dad on the phone.  There's a cat on my lap and I'm all caught up on Words With Friends.

I vaguely remember that life ran at this pace about seventeen years ago, when it was just Citygirl and I.  I'd forgotten what it feels like.


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