Friday, January 18, 2013

Mixing It Up.......

I got the final word on this weeks' plan for Babygirl, the kidney and the headaches.  The transplant team chatted with Neurology and this is what they are doing:

We are stopping the Rapamune.  We are restarting the tacrolimus at six pills twice a day, a decrease from eight twice a day last August.  They are stopping the liquid Cellcept and increasing the dose to 250 mg so she can go back on the pills.  We are to take her to the University for blood work next week since a local draw won't yield any results for several days and they need to know that the kidney and white blood cells are handling the changes. 

Babygirl opened her pills sorter last night, grimaced at the larger number of pills but rejoiced about the lack of icky liquid in syringes.  On the whole, she'll take it, although given the fact that we JUST yesterday got a new  ($2000) bottle of the liquid, we may use it up later when we're sure what dose she's staying on.

I had stored the tacrolimus and cellcept away, so we have plenty of both since neither expired.  I feel better that they are not going to waste. 

Pray.  Pray that the headaches were due to the Rapamune. 



  1. Sounds like someone is finally listening to you! Hopefully the changes will make a difference (good)for her....will still keep you 2 in my prayers.
    By the way, your "murder" of crows has headed west and landed in a backyard next to mine. Don't they ever sleep??? Lorraine

  2. I saw them in the park this morning - or maybe about half of them. They were being harassed by a gaggle of starlings.